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We ARE your Phoenix NASCAR headquarters!!!
Tired of going to your local sports bar to watch the race and, if you're lucky enough that they're actually showing it, you have to watch it while listening to the melodious strains of Korn or something called Fiddy Cent?  Well, not at Starters!

WE SPEAK NASCAR HERE, with EVERY Sprint Cup race on our 100" projection TV and the sound is on THE RACE!  

Also, enjoy $2 Jagermeister and Fireball "caution" shots during every yellow flag!!

the old Dirty Drummer circa 1980's

Starters Sports Bar location started out as a Dirty Drummer Restaurant and Bar over 25 years ago. In fact, that (this) is where the current owners visited when they were FIRST dating...that's a story in itself...come on in and we'll entertain(bore?) you with the details.

It has since changed owners and names, but it seems it will remain Starters, your truly neighborhood bar.